The best quality mask. period. 

The best quality mask. period. 

The best quality mask. period. 

MASKIN Comfort

an affordable mask solution

Believing that reusable masks are much more expensive is the most common reason for using single-use masks. In the long-term, this is however untrue. Already after only one year of mask usage, our reusable mask will cost you at least 20% less than single-use masks (and offer many more benefits).

We suggest getting a mask per employee for every working day of the week.

stop single-use plastics

Regular single-use masks can be hardly recycled and create a huge waste problem. Besides becoming trash after few hours, they offer bad breathability and very basic comfort.

All MASKIN® masks are machine washable in 60°C and can be reused for a long time thanks to their amazing quality.

MASKIN Premium

A quality mask with top performance

Stand out by providing reusable masks with your company branding. We sell only the highest quality of masks to offer your employees the best possible experience & comfort.

Highly breathable material guarantees great moisture exchange all day long & adjustable earlopps allow comfortable long-term wear.

Made by highly skilled workers and by highest possible standards